Case developed at IMD, wins major case award and the following week gets taught in the MBA Program with case protagonist participating

Guest Speaker: Javier Goyeneche, Founder of Ecoalf
Class: Entrepreneurship, January 2020

A new case was introduced to the MBA class this week – ECOALF: because there is no planet B, by IMD Entrepreneurship Professor Benoit Leleux and IMD MBA alumnus (2007), Thomas Brochier.

The MBA program was the first to use the ECOALF case, which had been embargoed due to a case competition submission. On January 24th, the case was officially announced the winner of the 2020 John Molson Case Writing Competition – one of the most prestigious case writing awards.

However, the surprises were not over yet. MBAs were joined in their case discussion by Javier Goyeneche, the founder and president of ECOALF, who spoke with the MBA participants about his journey to build Ecoalf.

He explained how passion and values made difficult decisions easier. For example, Ecoalf chose not to participate in lucrative Black Friday sales or sell their merchandise on Amazon. Javier’s conversation instigated a dialogue around sustainable consumption and building a mission-driven company. 

A wonderful way to start the journey into the entrepreneurship stream, in all its facets!

See more details on ECOALF and other IMD award winning cases here.

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