The MBA Partner Integration Program is an important part of the IMD experience. For Valentine's families joined MBAs for lunch.

The MBA Partner Integration Program is one important part of an MBA’s life. Because of the relatively longer working experience of IMD participants, most of them already have partners or children, and as family members are critical for our study and life, IMD provides excellent support.

This year we have more than 40 partners, about 15 of whom will stay in Lausanne for the whole year, and we have a total of more than 10 children whose age ranges from 6 months to 6 years old. IMD provides partners with different resources such as cultural workshops, French classes, outdoor activities, acccess to the gym and a partner study room, and monthly partner lunch. As you might know, IMD has a fantastic five-star buffet lunch. Today I will introduce you to how we spent the day with partners.

On the 14th Feb (Friday), IMD organized a Partner lunch for MBAs and their family members. The partner lunches are important because most of the time MBA participants are too busy to have lunch with their family, and Valentine’s day is an important time that we do not want to miss.

The lunch started around 12:00, after we had finished the morning class and got out of classroom. Many of the partners and children were already waiting for us, and most of them knew each other already.

After finding respective family members, we went to the restaurant together and were surprised with a valentine day special dessert.

During this lunch, which was filled with happiness and laughter, we shared what we had learned in class, introduced our partners to classmates, and played with children.

Most of the partners who will stay in Lausanne this year are female, but there are also at least 4 male partners who will stay for the year. They normally plan outdoor activities, seek a job, or have a beer together.

This year we will also welcome at least one IMD baby who will come around June or July.

Considering the high study load of IMD, balancing education, career development, and family life is not easy, but our partners are very thoughtful and take good care of us. Some of them organized Dinner box to prepare food for the evenings, some do shopping for us, some also offer laundry, ironing and hair cutting (we have partners who are beauty experts).

With family members around us during the MBA program, we feel that we are full charged and ready for future challenges.

Jia Zuo

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