The MBAMighty90 face the COVID crisis with collaboration and a positive attitude.

Is this real? 2020, the most anticipated year for the “Mighty90”! After two months full of excitement, we heard the news of a disease in the far east. It was heartbreaking to see our friends from China, Japan and nearby areas worrying about things back home while coping with the demands of the course, but always smiling! Hats off to them and thank you for teaching us to smile when times are tough!

Seeing my friends in this situation brought home how important it is to understand a bigger situation than ourselves, it’s about how we fit in society and our role within humanity. God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but the spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

People scrambling for something as basic as toilet paper seemed funny at the start, but soon made us realize that perceptions of scarcity often lead to an emotional call to secure dwindling resources and eliminate the psychological fear of losing control. Further realization sank in as information channels showed increasing fatalities and the United Nations Organization announced the current state as a Pandemic, with more than 100 nations affected.

Markets tumbling (worse than the 2008 financial crisis), borders shutting, mandatory quarantines, restrictions on socializing! Phew, the list is endless…. In these times it is scary for all of us to be away from our families and not know whether all will be fine at the other end. How we cope with this chaos, in this cozy Swiss town, where we found laughter and friendship amidst all the learning that we embarked on together, is a lingering question. Panicky calls from families, guest lectures canceled, discovery expedition trip postponed, exams brought forward by almost a week! It has been a roller coaster academic year till now!

As said by Victor Hugo, Hope is the word which God has written on the brow of every man.

With these uphill rides there has also been relief – virtual classes, a fantastic experience! And we thought management could be taught only in classrooms! Not when you have dedicated teams working to make things right with the best intent in their heart – to make 2020 the best learning experience for us. Professors’ unchanged enthusiasm, MBA Office’s logistics management, Sean’s reassuring words, IT team’s continual efforts … the spirit is unmatched!

A thought crops into my head about this unpredictable situation. As leaders of tomorrow, we are living a true example of leadership, quick decision making and operations management! The need to direct efforts to find a constructive solution in times of crisis and a pre-emptive approach in defining precarious situations in advance.

It is important that we do not let fear overpower us but are aware and careful. Dealing with quarantine is a matter of having the right attitude. Aligning ourselves with changing times by celebrating birthdays, dancing virtually to songs, setting up a cloud drinking group to have evenings together, sharing memes and jokes to lighten the spirit and keep everyone smiling. The strength that we see in the cohort is impeccable. Everyone is collaborative. It’s a big family from diverse cultures with undying spirit!  

We’re the Mighty90, challengers and the light of tomorrow! With this thought, I sign off with a big cup of Indian chai!


Banner photo: One of the first precautions taken by IMD was to split the class into two – one group in one auditorium with the professor, the other class in an adjacent auditorium using zoom. Classmates also had the option of staying home and participating virtually with zoom.

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