The final MBA application tip of the month. Avoid the stress of last minute problems. Set aside some time in advance, check your application, and submit.

Today is the final admissions tip of the month, and it’s a simple one.

It’s so easy to put off hitting that final button. Strange how the simple word ‘submit’ can have such power. How deadlines that at one time seemed so far ahead, can suddenly creep up, as if somewhere along the line they hit fast-forward. But as with so many things, waiting until the last minute to submit an application is not a good idea.

Make sure that you leave yourself time to read your application through from start to finish, to fix any mistakes that you find and to submit ahead of the deadline to save yourself the stress of something going wrong at the last minute.

Avoid making any major changes at the last minute – if you’ve asked someone for feedback, make sure you get it in advance, so that you can reread the final result and make sure that in adding one thing, you do not lose another. Does the story still flow? Is the timeline still correct? The person who assesses your application will not know the details behind any potential mistakes, they will just see a flag, something that raises a question mark in their head about your suitability.

Making changes in a hurry is never a good idea, and can lead to all kinds of mistakes. And while hitting that ‘submit’ button feels so final, it’s better to do it ahead of time so that if there is a problem – internet connection failure, problem with the payment, lost attachments, … you still have time to deal with it in a calm way.

So, set some time aside ahead of the deadline, read everything through one last time, then take a deep breath and … submit!

Good luck!

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