The first half of the MBA is now over and we can start preparing for what is yet to come.

We had heard from MBAs and the faculty that the program would feel like the blink of an eye as soon as we looked back. I can already confirm that the first half, so intense and interesting, went past us before we could even think about it.

Most of us are now enjoying the free time in the summer and preparing for what is yet to come. Some others have decided to take the optional finance classes taught by Prof. Arturo Bris until the end of the week (feel free to read more about it in the post written by Lingman a few days ago).

Modules 1 and 2 were eventful to say the least: we had the opportunity to be exposed to a plethora of knowledge – in diverse topics like finance, strategy, economics and marketing -,  to work through a great number of challenging cases, to listen and interact with leaders from business and academia, to learn in live workshops, to work with promising start-ups and to network with all sorts of fascinating professionals. To finish off, a pandemic broke out and vastly influenced the way we were being taught and were relating and working together, making the circumstances the more challenging.

The experiences of the past months make me look forward to the ones that are yet come. This semester has been the most unforeseeable and learning-intensive of my professional career. Looking back, it is clear that most of us have been going through a visible personal development process.

The intensity, the diversity, and the speed of the IMD MBA program may not make you feel at ease but will allow you to experience exceptional growth.

Looking forward to our come-together in August.

Daniel Jaramillo

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