A rafting trip down the river Aare from Thun to Bern.

Switzerland is known around the world as a very expensive country. However, over the past weekend I discovered an activity that is completely priceless – literally and figuratively. It takes you out into nature through some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. I have done many rafting trips throughout Southern Africa and the United Stated, from the Orange River to the Zambezi to the great Colorado river. I have now added the river Aare to my list and what a fantastic experience it was.

A group of friends and myself took a train up to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, followed by a 15-minute train ride to the small town of Thun. We walked with our inflatable boats through the town, bought some snacks and drinks from the local Coop and eventually arrived at our starting point, which was full of people ready to embark on the 3,5 hour float back to Bern. We got out our foot pumps and started pumping (Our plan to use converted vacuum cleaners to inflate our boats had fallen through!)

We then entered the water having loaded our boats with supplies and began our “float”. The water does flow quite fast and there are a few rapids but 90% of the trip was a slow meander down the river surrounded by hundreds of other revellers. We played music, we jumped into the water when we were hot and generally had the most fantastic relaxing time. The scenery was incredible. We landed in Bern in the early evening and proceeded to pack up before settling down for a well-deserved drink.

Thank you Switzerland for once again showing me your beauty, elegance and adventure. You exceed my expectations around every turn.


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