What are electives for? What can we learn through them? Which one’s the best?

The core program of IMD is set to lay a solid grounding in professionalism. The leadership stream makes one a more empathetic and inspiring individual. What are the electives for? The electives are made for the finishing touches – to polish us and our aspirations.

Among the 20+ electives offered by IMD, each participant had to take at least 3. Nicely, the electives are also available for the MBA partners. A good way for them to understand what their husbands, wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends have been up to during all these long nights. It’s also a perfect way for IMD to market itself. I know a bunch of stories about partners who, inspired by the transformation of their second halves, have joined the IMD MBA later.

True enough, it works, and my wife is now considering an IMD MBA too!

I chose the following 3 electives:

IMD Digital Business Transformation, with IMD Professor Tawfik Jelassi

An engaging journey through an exciting list of business cases covering a variety of industries ranging from automotive to publishing. We learned that technical skills and knowledge, whilst being integral to the digital transformation, will not deliver results by themselves without the vision and active involvement of senior leadership.

Analytics and Models for Strategic Marketing Decisions, with IMD Professor Amit Joshi

Amit Joshi is one of the most energetic and engaged professors at IMD. His manner of teaching will make you excited even about the most boring things in the world. Boredom was never close to his class. As an addition to the core marketing course, in this elective we dove into various aspects of marketing analytics looking into the cases of Netflix, BMW, BBVA and… surprise! Lady Gaga.

Fintech and Blockchain, with IMD Professor Arturo Bris

Even though Arturo’s class was held on the weekend starting at 8 AM, it did not scare off 50+ MBA attendees. Maybe it is because Arturo is the most loved Spanish Finance professor at IMD, who combines deep knowledge and a superior fun teaching talent. Within 4 sessions we learned what fintech disruption is and is not, looked into the nitty-gritties of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as had a glimpse into the sandbox of Swiss and Singapore fintechs.

Now that most electives are done, IMD has prepared a weekend surprise for participants. We are looking forward to the coming Saturday!

Stay tuned for more reports on the blog!



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