Despite the complexities of moving abroad during a global pandemic, IMD MBA 2021 candidate Marly Levene is ready to embrace the challenge.

In only 1 short week, I’ll be leaving Canada and flying to Switzerland to begin my MBA journey at IMD.

In speaking with friends and family, I’m often asked if I’m still going, to which I reply, “of course!” I sometimes understand where they’re coming from. After all, 2020 has been a year of obstacles and making a move across the world is not currently proving to be easy. Last week I was notified that my flight was canceled, quarantine restrictions keep changing, and the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise. I would be untruthful if I said these hurdles didn’t make me nervous. It seems that this year there are many more complications and logistics to sort out, all while staying safely at home.

I’m trying to be optimistic and remind myself that amazing opportunities often result from the things that scare us most. Luckily, I’m constantly reassured by how proactive, responsive, and helpful the IMD faculty has been. I’m having fun diving into the pre-coursework and getting a taste of what the next year will bring. Best of all, it’s been great getting to know my future classmates virtually through group texts and video calls.

I’m so grateful that my husband will be joining me in Lausanne next year. We got married in August at City Hall with only our parents in attendance. While we would have loved to celebrate properly, this was a great reminder that even through a pandemic, we can still do the things that matter most to us and pursue our dreams (though they may look a little different this year). This was a great first step in beginning our Swiss journey.

So as we finish packing over the next few weeks, I’m reminding myself that even though we’ve been presented with many challenges this year, I still believe that the next year will provide a great opportunity to invest in myself, broaden my horizons, and seek new challenges. I can’t wait to see what the year will bring.

Marly Levene

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