Shruthi Arul, incoming MBA 2021 candidate, shares her tips on how to get started with the preparations for the year ahead.

The attention to detail during the assessment day and the quality interactions I have had with IMD alumni have been unique. Both played a major role in my decision to choose IMD. This period of my life has easily been one of the busiest, with a never-ending list piling up. I cannot imagine how I could have done everything in such a short span without the help of the magic wand – MyIMD portal.

Here are a few tips for anyone preparing for the program: 

 1. You have got the admit – Congratulations!! 

Don’t get anxious with all the questions that will soon pop up, (as I did!). Work on confirming your admission instead and getting access to the MyIMD Portal. This has ALL the info you will ever need for the move, from relocation, visa, planning finances, and finding apartments to groceries and even sim cards.  

2. Organise and declutter the tasks 

Make a checklist of all the items with due dates. I made one using Trello: office separations, packing essentials, relocation, gas connections, daily chores …  

3. Schedule a call with the support team

Before you get started, validate the list you have made to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

4. Spend time with family

Or just do anything that will help you relax. Remember its like that deep breath you take before embarking on a roller coaster with seat belts on 🙂 Since I will be coming alone, I am charging myself with as many hugs as possible from my family.

At the same time am excited to see my future classmates, who are already helping each other in every way possible. From shopping lists to insider information about Lausanne – so many useful tips keep pouring into our group.

I look forward to a transformational year and I am doing everything I can to prepare myself to utilise it to the fullest!


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