The MBAs start their journey into the self with the leadership stream, while simultaneously developing entrepreneurial skills.

As we slowly move into the most interesting part of the MBA program, we go from back-to-back assignments with occasional fun ping-pong sessions to some soul searching. A journey into the self! Until this week, leadership, self-awareness and personal branding were mere buzzwords that popped up whenever I talked to alumni or read reviews. Oh boy, experiencing them can give a different feeling altogether!  

Personal Branding

One session on Personal Branding was a total eye-opener moment for me. Arjen, our coach (and MBA alumnus) demonstrated what it feels like when you truly live for yourself, ignoring the judgments around you. The feeling of liberation does feel new and good indeed.

Leadership NEO

Personally, for me, the Leadership NEO report has also been enlightening. I could almost relate to all my highest and lowest points and link it back to – “So, that’s why I was behaving like that!” The whole week was all about diving deep into the graph, analyzing my behavior, my strengths and my weaknesses. It was more like engineering my own self and understanding every part of me to identify my best and worst parts and reconstructing myself into a better human. Utilizing my strengths to the fullest and embracing my weaknesses will help me both in interactions with others, and in my evolution as a Leader.

Now the real FUN begins, as we will be “working” on these aspects for the whole of this week and will hopefully transform into better versions of ourselves!  


As well as leadership, the sessions on Entrepreneurship bring a completely new flavor to the learning. It’s like watching behind the scenes shooting for a movie lover! As someone who enjoys reading startup articles to understand their story and their inspiration, this 360-degree view is refreshing. Benoit Leleux’s passion is infectious and he ensures he shows the faces behind the cases, to make things feel real. While rich interactions with these guest speakers and hearing their detailed stories gives me passion, learning about their struggles makes me think twice, should I or should I not? 


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