IMD and NEMIS are partnering to drive wins across the board, with a team of 5 MBAs working to help this startup ensure improved food safety for society.

With COVID-19, the risks related to viral and bacterial infections have become significantly more visible. The financial and social burdens associated with not managing environmental health and safety are not ones that companies, and society are willing to bear.

That is why it has been a such privilege for our IMD start-up team to work with NEMIS Technologies AG on their innovative approach to increased safety in the food industry.


Since its inception in 2018, NEMIS has transformed from a start-up into a high growth company, exhibiting the potential to change the market in the upcoming years. It has developed and already launched its first product based on an entirely novel technology for the rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms – applicable anywhere, anytime and by anybody. The process for testing for specific microbiological lifeforms is now mapped and understood, and new pathogen detection tests can be developed in short timeframes – a perfect hedge against potential bacterial pandemics.

It has been incredible working with NEMIS and sharing their experience.

A Learning Experience

Working with CEO, Arnaud Muller, has been a great learning experience as he insightfully recognizes and leverages the relevant factors that drive the company’s success. NEMIS’ CSO, Dr. Mario Hupfeld, has been an inspiration as we were able to witness the passion he has for turning cutting-edge research into viable products. And working with Franzisca Gartenmann has shown us how value creation for the end-customers is the driving force at the core of NEMIS’ processes.

From our side, it has been a whirlwind ride working with one of the most innovative and motivated start-ups in Switzerland, especially one driving success even during such a turbulent period.


Over the past two months we have been able to work with NEMIS while the company:

Together as a team, we are currently continuing to interview new potential end-users of the NEMIS solution, while developing insights into the best way to ensure improved food safety for society.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with NEMIS and a real insight for us as to how entrepreneurs drive value for both their companies and society.

Campbell, Yukari, Rüdiger, Emma, Sebastian

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