Five diverse MBAs join forces to work on their Zurich-based startup project with its focus on empowering data.

Empowering data represents a key factor to digitalize industries and optimize any value chain. This is the element that brought our team, from all over the world, to work together on a highly aspiring start-up from Zurich.

As a team, we had never heard about Decentriq before initiating this project. However, after a couple of intense meetings with Max (Co-founder and CEO) and Melina (Business Development), we gradually understood its business model, technical logic, and macro planning goal.

Exchanging ideas during a team meeting

Hearing about Decentriq’s value proposition was a revelation for me. With my background in Clinical Trials, with so much sensitive data and so many outdated data systems and processes, I can’t wait to see how Decentriq disrupts cloud computing.

Emma James

Decentriq is an enterprise SaaS platform that offers a solution for anyone to easily collaborate on data without risk of exposure or the need to establish trust. Its solution provides several benefits:

As external consultants, our mission is to support the scale-up outside the Swiss market. Our diverse industry backgrounds, coupled with Decentriq’s expertise, have worked efficiently to rapidly identify opportunities. We are currently interviewing professionals from our former industries to understand pain points for users in the data usage, build use-cases and identify key stakeholders.

By the end of the project, we plan to provide Decentriq with actionable recommendations to quicken the sale cycle.

Before the MBA program I never thought that a start-up could excite me so much. I look forward to Decentriq, and its potential clients, reaping the benefits of our work.

Aijan Ormantay

This sprint gives us an incredible perspective into the life of a start-up and its daily challenges.

Pierre Carles

+ the rest of our team:
Emma James, Aijan Ormantay, Dwarakesh Venkatesan, Liang Wang

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