The chance for the IMD social and sports committees to shine has come, and they did deliver -organizing a long-awaited class event of fun and sports.

The MBA program at IMD is challenging, yet, it is not only about studies. Networking is a large part of the experience: from peers, professors, guest speakers and startups, to anyone who can shed some light on the hidden secrets of dream jobs or industries.

What about fun, one might ask? Participants do manage to fit a party or a trip into their demanding schedule here and there; however, a large-scale class-wide event and bonding opportunity was delayed. Typically, the program starts with a class trip to the mountains, which Switzerland has plenty of. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the restrictions it caused put everything on hold.

The class has several committees, and many of the participants are involved in them. Among the committees, there are two which are focused on fun: sports and social. Both have been enthusiastic since day one and full of ideas of events to organize. Yet, for the very same reason as the postponed introductory trip, unfortunately, nothing could happen.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel can not only be seen but is getting closer and closer. As restrictions relaxed, the committees did not need a reminder to get busy and plan something. What could be a better way to bond than sports and a barbecue?

One can imagine that organizing two days of events for a group of close to a hundred people is no easy feat. As someone actively involved in the social committee, I could feel it all first-hand. We experienced the pain of logistics, lack of time and occasional drama. Then anxiously watched weather forecasts every day. But finally felt an immense sense of fulfillment once everything worked out. It was a joy to see our mates enjoy themselves.

Social Committee Raiding Campus Ice Machines

I was thrilled to see the level of collaboration between the committees. There were a number of volunteers eager to help and a fantastic lunch team who made sure we do not get hungry mid-day. Most important though, was the commitment, contribution, ownership, and leadership everyone showed.

Dmitry Makarov

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