Before the holidays, Campbell reflects on the privileges of being in one of the only MBA programs that has been completely face to face in 2021.

As I left campus yesterday, I found it hard to leave.

The last six months have been transformational. Until the last moment, each experience has been varied, rich and impactful. In the last three days, thirty of the MBA’s were coached and built presence in an optional bootcamp that felt like a capstone on the entire experience.

We have been fortunate enough to be the only MBA program to be completely face to face in 2021. It was an absolute privilege to have the experience we have had, and our class remains lucky. Lucky to be face to face, lucky to be in a program that walks the talk and lives up to driving learning outcomes even in the toughest conditions, and lucky that we were almost all able to receive the vaccine in time for European summer.

And so I really did find it hard to leave campus. Whether it is the intense program, the amazing faculty and admin, or the great peers and mentors – IMD is a special place. And heading back into the ‘real world’ is a little daunting. But on the other hand, like many of my classmates, this is my first ever European summer. In the end the call of more time with family, more time with friends, and the sun and Mediterranean made their own argument.



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