Juliette, an MBA student in the 2022 class, shares her profile and explains why IMD's personalized leadership journey and hands-on program were right for her.

I studied in France, volunteered in India, worked in South Africa and have been living in Switzerland for 4 years. After a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in business, I joined a global Tech Consulting company as Digital Manager. Working on disruptive projects collaborating with Luxury and Swiss Watch-Making companies was an enriching experience. My job was great, but I reached the point where I wanted new intellectual challenges and a career transition.

Pursuing an MBA appeared as the perfect chance to develop the necessary skillset and level of self-awareness. Both are necessary to make a real difference in a complex and rapidly evolving ecosystem. I choose IMD for its personalized leadership journey and hands-on MBA program. I wanted to explore areas that could make my life more meaningful. This will help me understand how I can bring purpose into my personal and professional goals.

Our first day

I am 27 and started the MBA adventure at IMD in January. The richness of the academic program and global perspectives is very powerful. I am impressed by the power of diversity in terms of backgrounds and nationalities that I have already experienced. For example, my startup teammates consist of another female from India and four males from Uruguay, Denmark, Nigeria, and America. There is a lot to learn from each other and it feels like a world tour!

This MBA is a life-changing journey that helps develop experience in a variety of fields. We study subjects from Strategy and Entrepreneurship to Leadership Development, work on real-life projects and discuss case studies. Furthermore, the teaching style is unique at IMD. One day, Arturo Bris, our brilliant Finance Professor, turned the class into a trading floor. We had classmates simulating markets while acting as Traders and Market Makers. I had no idea that a finance class could be delivered in such a creative and engaging manner. Nor did I realise that we could have that much fun out of it!

After just a few weeks, I can already feel the transformation this program is having on my behaviors and perceptions of the world. I have experienced unforgettable moments and have made lifelong friends.

Economics class with Professor Ralf Boscheck

I am confident that IMD will help me drive my career to the next level and enact change – transforming organizations and contributing to society.


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