MBA students headed to the Swiss Alps for their mountain experience around the theme of sustainability. There were also plenty of bonding opportunities from snowshoeing to fondue.

Last week marked the highlight of our program so far – the Mountain Discovery Trip! While I won’t reveal too much, I’m eager to share my unforgettable experience.

Following two intensive weeks filled with classes, activities, and getting to know my 102 classmates, we embarked on a journey to the Swiss Alps to delve into discussions about sustainability.

Our adventure began on a Tuesday morning as we ascended the mountains for a snowshoeing exercise. Taking a train up, we noted the lack of snow at the hotel level, a stark reminder of the impact of climate change. As a first-time snowshoer, I quickly learned that it’s more challenging than it appears! The majestic Swiss mountains, coupled with the perfect weather, made for a great experience. In addition, incorporating physical activity into our program was a refreshing touch.

During this trip, we were asked to think about our future impact in terms of both climate and social responsibility. On the first day, we attended a lecture on sustainability by Julia Binder. The talk covered various topics, not only climate change but also changes in biosphere integrity, freshwater changes, ocean acidification, atmospheric aerosol loading, and more. We even explored the difference between ESG and sustainability. The discussion resonated deeply with me, especially at a time when greenwashing is prevalent, and the signs of climate change are ever more apparent with diminishing snowfall and abnormal temperatures. This was a call to action, challenging us to rethink our beliefs and consider the influence we, as a future class of 103 students, could wield.

However, it wasn’t all about the daunting aspects of our future. We also had ample opportunity to bond with our classmates, preparing for the upcoming academic year. I’m still amazed by the diverse and fascinating stories within our group. A highlight was enjoying a traditional fondue meal together, followed by a night of dancing at the same venue, a perfect blend of cultural immersion and fun.

These initial three weeks of our MBA program have been intensely multifaceted. Whether it’s engaging in academic rigor through case studies and new concepts or socializing to better understand our peers, the positive spirit emanating from everyone is palpable. It’s also been a time for personal reflection, pondering the impact I want to make in the world.

As we journey through this program, I was reminded by the hotel, of a unique aspect of Swiss culture: punctuality.

This mirrors the precision and efficiency we’re learning to apply in our studies, which is a work in progress 😊

In closing, this trip was more than just an educational excursion; it was a transformative experience that has set the tone for our MBA journey. Furthermore, some of us finished this trip with a wonderful day skiing in the Swiss Alps. I look forward to sharing more insights and stories as we progress.

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