From ICP presentations in Dubai to Electives and Sustainable Finance back on campus, the MBAs make the most of their last few weeks.

The IMD MBA is unique in many ways – one of the biggest differentiators is the structure of the schedule. We are not tied to an academic calendar with equal semesters. This month we wrapped up our 7-week International Consulting Projects, a break from the classroom. And now we return to class for three final weeks of electives, including Sustainable Finance.

From Dubai to the Cassani Auditorium

We could not have been happier with our ICP experience! Our amazing clients CTC Group, invited us to their Dubai offices to close out the project. We conducted our final workshop and presentation and had the chance to say good-bye in-person.

“Our international consulting project in Khartoum and Dubai was a perfect opportunity to leverage on the year-long learning acquired during the MBA. At the same time we could explore a frontier market with hands-on experience outside the comfort of IMD .” – Charles de Cerjat

The Future is in Front of Us

Electives may be the best part of the year. I won’t deny that having no graded tests or assignments is a factor, but it’s more than that. Electives are short 2–5-day classes where we dive into highly relevant topics. These are all interesting, engaging, and applicable courses designed for executives.

This week we have the honor of studying Sustainable Finance with the venerable Professor Vanina Farber.

“Each of us has chosen this course because we believe that ESG values will be built into every industry. No modern business leader can be successful without understanding their impact in this area.” Doug Petry

We have debated real-life sustainability questions around controversial companies like Philip Morris International and Tesla. We have built an investment portfolio aligned with the Paris Agreement. And we have welcomed insightful industry leaders Henk Jonker, Sara Razmpa, Kristin Hull, Tina Ruchti, and Adrian Ackeret.

“We are grateful to engage with these leaders in sustainability. We asked hard questions and received honest answers. Sustainability is still so often used as a buzzword, but this class is helping us set clear guidelines and be prepared to lead truly sustainable organizations.” – Nicolas de Toledo


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