The first week of the Discovery Expedition included opportunities to reflect, push boudaries and coordinate team efforts in the Swiss Alps.

These days we are living in a post card world. You open your eyes, take a couple of steps, and you are on a balcony with breathtaking views. The landscape is perfectly harmonic and natural. Our expectations were high for this Discovery Expedition, but the results have delivered. Aside from delicious meals, more importantly, we have had time for meaningful reflections. 

View from the balcony in Champéry

Days have been filled with outdoor activities: a self-made lunch in a botanical garden, pumping adrenaline during E-biking, challenging our minds at an escape room, or testing our balance with tree climbing. People have pushed their fears (i.e. heights, speed, vulnerability), and found a way to enjoy the experience even further.

A world of heights, zip wires and free falls!

Among other activities, we also had a music crash course. We used ancient djembes to connect with our instincts and coordinate accurate timing between almost a hundred people. Not what you would expect from a group of accountants and engineers. It was followed by a refreshing and liberating moment that involved screaming and moving together as a group.

Playing the djembes

The other part of the Discovery Expedition has been a road of reflection. Nothing beats a chalet setting with fresh coffee on the terrace to think about our future. A session with Leadership Professor Katharina Lange helped us see ourselves from a third-party view. We explored our deeper fears as well as our newly made discoveries. This help us to understand where we are and where our vision wants to take us in upcoming years.

Laura, Emma James, Eseosa, Hongyu and me

The trip is still not over but it is already quite packed with long life memories.


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