My team and I had a fantastic and very productive trip to Latvia and Estonia last week – and lots of fun too – it was so inspiring to visit a region full of energy (and handily, great restaurants!).

This week we are intensively synthesising the information that we gathered during our desk research and our trip in the field.  It’s great to see how IMD’s education has led us to approach this task completely differently from the way that we would have before our courses at the beginning of the year – the depth of the analysis has become significantly greater.

As our deadline to provide a first formal update to our client nears, the workload and pressure is increasing – so our leadership and team building skills are being employed also, in order that we manage the tension!

Altogether, so far, the individual consulting project is an ideal way in which to practice the plethora of skills acquired at IMD.  For me, it’s a great opportunity to get experience in a new sector, and to leverage this in my career search.

Otherwise, the networking opportunities at IMD continue to be invaluable – this week, we’ve had the most senior managers of one of Europe’s largest banks on campus – which provided me with a great opportunity to network with some critical contacts associated with my preferred career path.  It’s always amazing to find out who’s just round the corner here in Lausanne.

Tomorrow, a much needed break – a party organised by our social committee to welcome autumn!

Until next time,


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