The last days were tough: studies, projects, essays, emotions, challenges, and just a couple of hours for sleep… Can I endure more? A great training for perfectionistsJ! Some say that life is stripy, if you move across, or, if lengthwise, just an endless, black stripe. I disagree – from now on my days are either good or perfect. I can’t structure yet what IMD gives me, but definitely I am enjoying changing.


We had guests speakers. One is an IMD MBA alumnus, a successful entrepreneur, who gives an impression of a happy person. He seems to get drive from all his incredible ups-and-downs in business. He is looking for change and change is looking for him. His enthusiasm and desire to make the world better are contagious. And I feel proud of belonging to the IMD community. Another guest speaker is a business angel. According to him, there is nothing to be afraid of in uncertainty – it’s everywhere. People and organizations approach it differently: some structure it slowly unless they get a comfortable result, which by that time becomes obsolete. The others just jump in, but those who have a secure base, reduce risk and stress. And another valuable observation is that change itself is useless – it can bring added value when it relies on values of people and organizations. If you want to make change, devote yourself completely, partial trial worths nothing.

Like a Jerome K. Jerome’s medical student, who found in himself symptoms of all known diseases (MDs know that well), except for a housemaid’s knee, I started dreaming “what would I be if I worked in operations, in finance, in accounting or as a CEO?”. We get a very hands-on education, in which school-reality boundaries are squeezed and erased.

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Goli  commented on  Friday, February 19, 2016  2:03 PM 

Nice article, Aysylu !

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