History is happening right now – this is my strong impression from today. During the couple of last days, we have discussed incredibly real and stunning cases in entrepreneurship class. “I want to rule my life and manage my business” imperative can have absolutely different sequences. So many factors, predictable and sometimes completely unforeseen, good or bad luck may play a critical role. But to what extend actually luck is random? Several weeks ago a guest speaker told us that luck might be considered an attitude. How do people make choices and what is truly important in our decision-making? We’ve seen some case heroes, making transition from the corporate to entrepreneurial world, changing industries or locations within or outside their countries, also balancing their personal lives. Those dilemmas and decisions seem so compelling to me. On the other side, business cases are in a way similar to fairy tales from my childhood – captivative, teaching and touching something important inside. I admire efforts of our professors and other case writers, who “hunt” to create those masterpieces. Those stories represent contemporary business traditions, eternal individual dramas and successes and the way we think – towards a given or imagined. And are we that conscious in our decisions or can we be objective, looking back and “connecting the dots”?

Today after classes we had a very interesting speaker from the travel industry. We heard a story on growing a new business by creating a new market segment in Europe. It is another fantastic story on transferring technology, but tailoring it to the needs of a different market. A technology-driven service, significant capital investment, digital challenges, customer expectations and what not. And the biggest challenge and privilege is… a team work. I am always inspired to see successful women leaders, smart and charming, strong and humble.

Another beautiful day at IMD.

Till soon,


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