The IMD MBA 2022 cohort returns to Lausanne from their summer break, and dives right back into the program.

After a much needed and restful summer break, the IMD MBA 2022 cohort has returned to campus from various destinations across the globe to commence the second half of the program.

Most of us spent the summer reconnecting with our families and friends, exploring various destinations within Switzerland and across Europe, and recovering from an intense, though enjoyable, first half of the program. Some of us, however, spent the summer conceptualising and building the business case for the company of our dreams, in the hope of winning the IMD Venture Award and securing long-term investment. And how better to start our second term than by watching the pitches of our budding entrepreneur classmates, who presented to Venture Award sponsor and serial entrepreneur Thierry Maupile (an MBA alumnus), IMD Professor Jim Pulcrano, and venture capitalist Olivier Laplace (another MBA alumnus).

After watching eight fascinating pitches, the panel asked the class for input into the decision, and to vote for the three that they believed should be shortlisted.

Following a tense 48 hours full of anticipation, the jury finally revealed the three winning pitches that would move to the next round and present to investors in Silicon Valley during our discovery expedition at the end of August.

Congratulations to the three winning pitches

Fabrizio Guadagnolo (left), and Geoffroy Dehen (right) pitching “Tribe”
Amogh Sharma pitching “AWS”
Brandon Taft pitching “InStep”

The MBA rhythm

Following the Venture Award competition pitches, we delved right into our negotiation classes led by Professor Sameh Abadir, who not only uncovered misconceptions of negotiation but also revealed crucial points to be aware of and gave us numerous opportunities to put this theory into practice through experiential exercises.

With the commencement of Finance, Strategy Beyond the Market, Leadership, and International Strategy classes – and assignments being set – the 2022 cohort is right back into the rhythm of the MBA.

Speaking of rhythms, our own MBA 2022 band, The White Horses, discovered just last week at IMD a state-of-the-art drum kit that is just waiting to be played – who knows what opportunities this may bring! (Read more about The White Horses’ gold medal performance at the MBAT Battle of the Bands.)

Finally, we said farewell to our MBA office intern, Nuria Martin, who became an integral part of the MBA cohort, and welcomed Tiffany, the new MBA office intern who will see us to graduation. Best wishes Nuria on your next steps!


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