Start-Up Team 4 is excited to be working with Atfinity, a rising star in the FinTech space aiming to digitize paper-based processes.

There are 2 kinds of start-ups in the world. The first kind aim to solve the impossible, such as resolving issues that are preventing us from say, colonising Mars. Start-ups of the second kind also aim to save humanity. However, they do it one step at a time, one office at a time, and one process at a time. Both are engaged in critical work, but start-ups of the second kind simplify and improve our lives here, on earth. It is often companies working on the most mundane of things that go on to change the world. This is exactly what attracted us to Atfinity.

The most important asset we have is time. It is imperative that we use it to add as much value to our lives and organizations as we can. Sometimes organizations expend most of their resources on tasks that need to be done but don’t necessarily add value. This is primarily the case with banks. Banks spend an inordinate amount of time adhering to regulatory requirements; responding to customer service and legal requests; updating KYC profiles; maintaining and approving forms; and other traditionally paper-based processes.  

The Atfinity start-up project

The Atfinity team aims to resolve this with its no-code platform that helps end users digitize and simplify manual processes. Our Start-up team, under the guidance of Professor Salvatore Cantale, is fortunate enough to be working with Atfinity. We are helping it on its journey to make workspaces more efficient, one digitized process at a time.

We would be hard pressed to find a more passionate duo than Alexander and Raphael in any start up. They have been nothing but incredibly patient in answering our queries. Right from the start, we were given a real time demonstration of the Atfinity platform. Since then, we have been trying to leverage the almost 40 years of cumulative experience we have in our team. Amanda (recruitment), Ekaterina (cyber security and data security), Fabrizio (legal services), Philip (construction services), Jeremy (financial services) and me (banking). We hope to bring even more value to Atfinity by shedding some light on both potential opportunities and obstacles.

Out Atfinity team

Luckily, we can also draw from the entrepreneurship lessons with Professor Benoit Leleux, and IMD’s considerable resources. We sincerely hope this start-up project will enable us to become a small part of Atfinity’s journey towards superstardom in the fintech space.

Siddharth (author), Amanda, Ekaterina, Fabrizio, Philip and Jeremy

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