MBAs gain hands-on experiential learning by working in teams with local startups at the start of each year. Real Learning. Real Impact.

“Big things come in small packages” and start-ups across the world are proving this quote right. At IMD, we started a new chapter of our MBA journey with Professor Benoit Leleux. In his first session, he introduced the concepts of entrepreneurship to the class. We discussed a case about a sustainable impact start-up and the session was super exciting as it included an opportunity to meet the founder of the business, listen to her journey and even experience the product first-hand.  

IMD Start-up competition

The annual start-up competition at IMD identifies burgeoning start-ups in various sectors. The companies then get the chance to benefit from the experiences and insights of motivated MBA participants. We are all geared up to work with these emerging businesses which cover diverse segments ranging from drones, insurance, medical devices and communication chips to fashion technology.

Work pressure and team dynamics

The pace of the program is accelerating and so is the work pressure. Hard work and late evenings in the study rooms (nick-named ‘the dungeons’) is becoming a common sight. The group work focus at the moment is on Accounting, Finance and our Economics Industry Analysis. This is enhanced by the experiential learning from actually interacting with start-ups. It is really enriching to learn about their journey from idea to execution, including both motivation and struggles. We are becoming hands-on start-up partners. Our role over the next few months will be working together to fulfill their aspirations and develop business models, market strategy & valuations.

The first module has opened an avenue to collaborate and know our teammates at deeper levels. Splitting up tasks and collaborating to complete assignments; brainstorming over diverse perspectives; leveraging strengths and supporting one another in weak areas is defining our team dynamics. During these discussions, we also share our vulnerabilities, which I feel further strengthens the bond among us.

Time is flying and soon we will be racing towards completion of our start-up projects. Each team is working hard to support their assigned company to achieve their dreams in best possible ways and during this journey we are already making lifelong memories.

My start-up team: Bettina, Agustin, Will, Wesley & me, Jyoti

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