Collaboration, Startup Projects and the IMD network combine to support MBA participants and hopefully to improve society too.

We are coming to the end of our Startup Projects. This means bringing together all of our learnings to build our best final presentations. My team’s project imperative was to identify pain points in new industries that can be solved by our startup’s technology. We then set out to lay a path to solve each painful issue. This may seem daunting for anyone just starting out their MBA. However, with the help of the collaborative IMD network and reputation, our team has been able to achieve our mission. And we enjoyed the work along the way!

You may be surprised that our class has had multiple lectures about the proper way to make a phone call and write a cold email. In fact, soft skills like these are what make IMD MBAs stand out. We also benefit from the amazing network of IMD alumni and partners. A network that is eager to help us in our search for information to solve these startup project business cases.

Two weeks ago, I had a call with Daniel Gutierrez of Clinerion, a leader in medical data informatics working to improve clinical research – bringing forward the best treatment for patients, using technology to accelerate key processes in clinical trials. In just 30 minutes Daniel was able share an impressive amount of insight. He clearly demonstrated how data access and security is changing healthcare as we know it. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what is now possible with these emerging technologies since.

Of course, as in all great connections, one thing leads to another. We are now discussing how to bring Daniel to campus to speak with our cluster of MBAs interested in a career in healthcare. It would be great to discuss what we can do to use real world data to improve society.

Today’s discussion with Daniel

That is how the collaborative IMD network seems to work – smart people willing to help each other, working together to inspire and improve our world. Not a bad way to spend my 30th birthday 😉


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