Startup Team 3 is privileged to work with a game-changing company that tackles hospital infections, acquired via catheter entry points.

What happens when six diverse professionals aspire to translate their shared learning into an impactful project that helps society’s well-being and health? They look at the inspirational list of IMD’s startup competition winners and choose AseptUVa. This is a MedTech startup based in Technopark Winterthur, Switzerland that promises to eradicate hospital based infections (HAIs). How? With a unique UV light, that disinfects catheters at its point-of-use.

Prior to joining IMD, our team was not fully aware of the buzzing startup ecosystem that Switzerland offers. The competitions, incubation centers and university-industry partnerships are a breeding ground for very innovative ideas. Interestingly, many of these have become large-scale enterprises today.

Our dynamic group brings a special mix of skills to the table. We combine consulting, electrical engineering, sales, project management, finance and medical device expertise. With the early-stage scenario that AseptUVa is in, our project promises to be a high-learn, high-impact recipe for the next few months.

Team meeting in our MBA study room

HAIs are a challenge in most parts of the world, including Switzerland. When a patient acquires an infection in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), unrelated to the pre-admittance health condition, the costs, extra days of treatment and unplanned encumbrances increase for all parties involved. The founders, Henry, Rafael and Eashan, have a powerful purpose-driven mission. They want to help the value-based healthcare ecosystem and drive down HAIs at ICUs.

During the last two weeks, we have focused our problem-exploration process with AseptUVa. We have assessed its market, pricing and overall plan. With the guidance of Professor Peter Vogel and the fantastic set of resources at IMD, our team is confident that our takeaways will include an understanding of a niche issue that impacts many lives every year… We are very proud to be involved with a noble solution’s journey.

Nishant (author), Brandon, Danil, Farah, Satarupa and Victor

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