An MBA team builds strong foundations of experiential learning through their start-up project, focusing on inclusive accessibility solutions.

Enabling everyone for an equitable world

In-line with IMD’s focus on experiential learning and staying relevant, in Module 1 MBAs support a start-up with its challenges. The objective is to strike the right balance between the zeal an entrepreneur and the appetite for feedback. Our team’s startup project focuses on supporting DAAV.

DAAV is a start-up focused on inclusive accessibility solutions for people with reduced mobility. My team comprises of Allard, Jabrane, Rashidat, Ruoyu and I. Between the five of us, we represent three continents and five countries. We are all fluent in at least two languages and we come from five completely different industry and functional backgrounds. The diversity of our experiences and perspectives is the backbone of the outcome we hope to deliver to DAAV. We like challenging each other because we know that polite teams get polite results.

Our startup project team: Ruoyu, Rashidat, Ankita, Allard,Jabrane

DAAV’s electric wheelchairs

DAAV designs and builds electric wheelchairs that allow free movement in any direction without changing course. They focus on creating a more inclusive approach to mobility services. The electric wheelchairs enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, enabling them to have an equal chance for enjoying their lives on the go.

Start-ups such as DAAV are trailblazing examples of organisations working towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world for everyone. According to the World Bank, one billion people, or around 15% of the world’s population, experience some form of disability. Furthermore, disability prevalence is higher for developing countries. Coming from a developing country myself, I have seen the challenges of mobility in an ageing population from close quarters. The problem that DAAV is trying to solve, and the concept used, resonated well with all of us in the team.

Our involvement

As part of the project, we are testing the value proposition of their product. First, we are building different value propositions based on the identified market and customer segment. We are also developing business models and a monetization strategy. Finally, we need to develop a financial plan and gain competitor information.

Team brainstorming session

To test the flow of information from multiple sources, we are undertaking fieldtrips to potential customer segments. Here we can perform secondary research and use our previous experience to gain information to develop these deliverables. The project is executed under the guidance of a faculty coach who provides mentoring and is our sounding voice of reason.

Research visit to the airport

In the next few weeks, we look forward to seeing the pieces of our startup project with DAAV come together. It’s time to inch closer to the completion date in April.  


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