The class has split into three groups for the next part of the Navigating the Future conference, with one going to Munich, one to London and one to Zurich. Today’s guest entry comes from the Zurich group, specifically Spanish participant, Alvaro Ballina.

Hello to everyone!

This is my first entry on the IMD blog, indeed it is the first time I have ever written a blog post and I want to take this opportunity to speak about our trip to Zurich.

As always at IMD, the agenda was extremely tight: we presented early in the morning in Lausanne to some executives who were attending the OWP program, and then right after the presentation we ran to the bus, direction Zurich. We were extremely excited because this was a great opportunity to understand what is happening in the German part of Switzerland from the huge IMD Alumni network present in the city.

The aim of the trip was to attend a UBS presentation for the Wealth Management Associate program, and to give our Navigating the Future presentations to executives and alumni from the area, with a networking cocktail afterwards. It looks like a very busy agenda for a Thursday afternoon, doesn’t it? Well, one of the biggest learnings from this MBA is time management, and in spots where you used to think that it wasn’t possible to schedule an activity, now you realize that there is more than enough time!

Through the consulting cluster, we had also contacted one of the world’s top consulting companies, Bain & Company, who kindly offered a company presentation followed by a helpful Q&A session over lunch with current consultants. We even got to admire the views of the city from the office rooftop, which were just amazing!

Zurich group

At the end of the day, we divided between foodies / coffee lovers / walkers to explore the city. As part of the walkers group, I found Zurich to be a city where you need to get lost in the narrow streets of the old town, full of luxury boutiques from watchmakers to chocolate artisans, to understand the life.

On the bus back we shared experiences from the day, energy and plans for the future and realized that the next day we would be back to our early morning OWP presention to executives. Remember, it’s all about attitude and time management (sleep is over-rated!).

See you all after the Company Engagement Projects (summer internships for those who don’t speak the IMD language yet)!!!


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