It’s a kind of magic
A kind of magic
One dream one soul one prize one goal
One golden glance of what should be

It is on these notes of The Queen that, in my mind, the 2017 edition of Navigating The Future turns to the end. How was it possible that only one week ago we were in a remote monastery lost in the north of Italy, without even an internet connection, and then in four days we were delivering presentations at an unprecedented level of professionalism on global challenges and macro-regional issues that impact the development of the world and the life of hundreds of millions of people? How could it be possible?

Today’s guest entry is written by Italian Riccardo Paccapelo, from this year’s class.

It’s a kind of magic. The magic generated by the synergy of a stunning and cohesive collaboration of 90 exceptional individuals that found, through coordinative strengths and stoic efforts:

In this context, my team went even further for presenting the global challenge on automation as the next step for the development of the world productivity. Without any crystal ball, the natural humility of these young leaders imposed them, on one side, to consider a double perspective on the subject, collaborating to provide a pessimistic and an optimistic vision; on the other, to dive deep into the problem in order to provide ideal solutions for the future, finally suggesting “one golden glance of what should be.”

Now, with the first ICP meeting in two days and the CEP starting in one week, the MBA soundtrack will turn back to the standard “Under Pressure” and classmates will start to undertake their individual path that will bring them who knows where; however, the “One Vision” consolidated in these days will ensures that “Friends will be friends” forever!


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