Our MBAs have left for their various Discovery Expeditions across the world, and as Azerbaijani participant, Zaur Alakbarov, heads for Monterrey, his guest entry reflects on the bonds he has formed so far.

This week will be the first time since joining the MBA that I have been so far away from IMD and for so long.

I was born in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. For the last 30 years it has been home to me and a country I hold dear to my heart. When I arrived on the shores of Lac Leman with my wife and two sons it reminded me of home. The friendships I quickly formed with my classmates strengthened this feeling and now, 32,000 feet over the Atlantic, I never imagined I would be missing Lausanne in the same way as I miss Baku.

The first six months of the program were tough and it was during this time that the strongest friendships and memories were formed. I can say with confidence that I miss the spot where I experienced some of the most special moments of my entire life – Lausanne.

In two weeks’ time, the Discovery Trip tour of Mexico and San Francisco will be over and I will have just 4 months left to enjoy before graduation.

Unfortunately, I’m getting more aware that the saddest moments are waiting for me. The post MBA time, when all those great friends and fellow classmates from whom I learned so many new things, is fast approaching. Together with the faculty members and MBA office they created a priceless experience.

No matter how sad it is – this is the reality we must deal with. I try to be optimistic and look forward to developing my relationships with the other 89 ‘friends for life’.

Now moving more to positive… in less than 10 hours I will be enjoying my discovery expedition with 29 of my MBA friends in Monterey, Mexico and then in San Francisco, US.

New blogs and updates about the discovery expedition will be posted soon.

Hope all readers enjoy the rest of this summer…



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