The forthcoming winter is cutting off daylight like slices of bread. We are in the middle of the so called advent time; Christmas is approaching. I am finalising my last days at work, closing activities, saying goodbye to colleagues and clients, organizing farewell meet-ups with friends; in parallel to that studying, handing in the first assignments, and arranging to move before setting on the transformational journey of the upcoming MBA year at IMD. This high pace is nothing new to me, I can say I am quite familiar with it. It has  been characteristic for the past year when I was preparing for the GMAT and application to IMD while having a full-time job.

Guest entry by Martina Skodova, who will be joining the MBA 2018 class

All of my future 89 fellow students of the 2018 class are going through a similar process, closing one chapter of life and getting ready for a new exciting one. 

Most of us decided to travel or take free days to make a mental break, reflect and take up energy for the smooth landing into 2018. Ahead of us is quite an intense year, full of real learning, solving contemporary problems of business and society and exploring ourselves to become better leaders. We will be exposed to recent knowledge and findings while we learn how to navigate the future. I am confident I will thrive in such an environment and make the most out of my MBA 2018. Mostly because it will not be only “about me” – I will learn from the 89 extraordinary personalities coming from all around the world, bringing expertise in their industries and international career experience. We are already in contact, exchanging ideas and sharing life moments on social media. I am genuinely looking forward to meeting and working with them. I will do my best to contribute with my knowledge and expertise, fuel the positive energy among us and celebrate the unique composition of diversity the faculty and staff selected in a very competitive process. 

With a fleeting glance out of the window, the falling snow flakes remind me of Christmas. Amid the preparations I again feel the happiness that fills me when contemplating next year and realize that I already got a present I was very much wishing for…

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