My name is Chiara and I grew up in a maritime Italian town overlooking the Adriatic sea. Although it may seem outmoded these days, I feel deeply European and I am happy I had the opportunity to freely travel, study and work around Europe. I think that business today is called to play a leading role in society to build greater inclusion and equality.

Before IMD:

After few years in consulting in sustainability and technology, in Italy and France, I undertook the role of executive assistant international business in Exprivia, an Italian group of 2,000 people delivering information technology services for different industries, from banking to manufacturing, healthcare and the public sector, in Europe, Latin America and China.

Curiosity and the constant desire to become better are my main drivers in life. I have a sort of refusal to the status quo, and I love to see continuous improvement around me. I consider myself to be a well-rounded person that always tries to have a balance between work, humanistic and civil interests, people, and sports.


Chiara Altomare, Italian


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