Arrhythmia, a heart condition in which the heartbeat is irregular, affects millions of people globally. While in many cases arrhythmia can be harmless, certain types of arrhythmia, such as Artrial Fibriliation (AF) or Ventricular Tachycardia (VT), are known to pose significant health risks. About 80% of sudden cardiac deaths are a result of VT.

Many advances are being made in treatment of arrhythmias which include the use of medications, surgeries (catheter ablations), pacemakers etc. Catheter ablation surgeries can be complex and expensive. This is where the startup we are working with, as part of our startup project, comes into the picture. Our team is working with EBA-Med, cofounded by Adriano Garonna and Giovanni Leo, whose mission is to introduce a non-invasive treatment for arrhythmia using proton beams. This procedure also has the potential to reduce the cost of treatment significantly.

Our team is a wonderful mix of professionals coming from varied backgrounds – healthcare, law, technology and finance – exactly the milieu of industries EBA Med is touching. At the same time, some of our team members already have experience in one form or the other in the world of startups and have an understanding of the kind of journey that an entrepreneur makes in the startup phase. This makes the project very relatable to us and there is a strong level of commitment to add value to EBA Med. We are really excited to work on this project as we think it is one of the only few effective ways to teach entrepreneurship, if at all entrepreneurship can be “taught”.

Our team from left to right: Roy, Rodrigo, Irina, Dimitrios, Mithlesh, Lauren


This space, where healthcare meets cutting edge technology, is one of the most dynamic areas in the medical field. We feel happy to contribute to this project which aims to bring an innovation in healthcare.



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