The challenges of the first two months of the IMD MBA program encourage creativity, bonding and making the most of every minute.

It’s been two months since we started the MBA. We try to stay focused to absorb all the knowledge and experiences from the faculty and our colleagues, and we fulfill multiple assignments, including projects, quizzes, surveys, exams, cases, etc. Being organized is key to accomplish the goals, but sometimes, with 8 to 9 hours of classes per day, and some weekends, it is not enough.

I started making a list of “things to be done” for the second part of the month, but realized I would not be able to finish them on time. “Ok, I need to work on the industry and country analysis, study and present two quizzes, work on the accounting and strategy cases, write an essay for the leadership stream, prepare a market analysis of the start-up company, and run some errands at home.”

I took a breath and a step back to think about what I was missing in the equation. “What do some of these have in common? … Ok, I’m working with at least three different teams on the major part of the assignments, so I could ask some of them for explanations and I could explain the topics where I have strengths”.

It is a big challenge, but the dynamic of the #IMDMighty90 is the secret to overcome it! We take advantage of every single free minute. You see different groups setting goals during lunch meetings, splitting the work among team members. You can see new study groups based on subjects such as the “Prep strategy case”. You can see two or more people sharing a coffee and an explanation of a topic during a 15 minute break. You can see that you are not by yourself but with 89 more people willing to support you.

The outcome: efficient meetings, creative solutions, strengthening bonds and ties of mutual trust among your classmates and of course accomplishment of your goals.


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