The MBA sustainability committee shares the first initiatives that have been already implemented on IMD campus.

When the Sustainability Committee first got together earlier this year, we decided that our agenda would consist of two focal points: Impact and Careers in Sustainability, and Sustainability in Everyday Life.

Building on the UN Development Goals, and more specifically on goal number 5, the class celebrated International Women’s Day and supported equal opportunities for women around the world. All men participants of the MBA program secretly decided to leave a trace. They made a donation to « Terre des Femmes » which is fighting against human right violations on women and girls. Impressively, a total amount of more than 600CHF was raised.

Announcing the donation to the women in the class

Building on the UN Development Goal number 12 – aiming to foster eco-friendly production, reducing waste and boosting recycling – the sustainability committee decided to declare war on waste on the IMD campus.

After carefully analyzing the main habits of MBA participants, we reached the conclusion that coffee, probably one of our biggest sources of comfort on campus, was sadly also a big source of waste, as we typically used several non-recyclable paper cups per day. The Sustainability Committee, with the support of IMD, managed to offer each MBA student a sustainable coffee mug, to hopefully eliminate the use of paper cups and remind MBA participants of how their consumption habits affect the environment.

Morning coffee break

Raising awareness, improving habits and changing the chip step after step, we hope to engrave sustainability in the heart of our MBA class. The world is fortunately changing and #IMDMighty90 will be the ones leading the change to a more sustainable society.

The Sustainability Committee
Carlos Gancedo, Andre Garcia, Laudie Jamous, Konstantinos Pierros, François Facchin

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