The MBA participants start their end-of-module-one exam week.

Over the past week, the tension has been rising amongst the MBAs as the dreaded end-of-module-one exams approach.

Today, we wish them luck as they face their first exam – Operations. Over the rest of the week they will complete daily online exams on all the key topics, to ensure that they have gained a solid understanding of the essential business skills they have studied during this module.

Perhaps it is the very fact that this is the first round that makes it seem to be the most daunting. There will be other exams as the year continues, but it seems that once the first hurdle has been passed, confidence increases.

We have been impressed with the class so far, especially as they have confronted the additional challenges thrown at them by the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. We have seen a class that is engaged and committed, who rapidly adapted to online classes and program changes, and who have been supportive of each other and of our efforts to continue delivering a program at the calibre expected.

So please cross your fingers, or send words of encouragement to our class of 2020. They have been working hard and we’re sure they’ll do well.

MBA Recruitment and Admissions team

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