IMD has managed to create an ecosystem for its candidates that is multi facetted and pushes us the right amount at different stages during the year, while having support structures in place

As the year proceeds it has become ever more apparent to me how developed and multi-faceted the IMD ecosystem is. The foundation is built upon our support staff, the operations team and management team that have had the difficult task of ducking and weaving as COVID-19 delivers blow after blow. Our small size has made us agile. They are in continual contact with us, leading us with their thought processes and the multiple options they have developed in order to accommodate us. The program is continually adapting to ensure we get as close to the experience that we expected.

This foundation has multiple arms that are far reaching. Our mental health is supported by our coaches, who have arranged extra meetings with us to ensure we are developing in the way we need to over this year, and to ensure that we come out of this more resilient.

The Personal Development stream, that is staffed with Jungian Analysts, continues to meet with us every week. With them, we carry on our journey that delves into our dreams and sub-concious to help us figure out why we do the things we do, whether conscious or sub-concious.

The mentorship program, where we are assigned to alumni who have lived multiple years out in the “real world” after the MBA, helps to guide us. We discuss our post MBA goals and fears and they help us to narrow the multiple paths open to us.

It extends to the alumni network, who I must say is fantastic. I have reached out to 6 alumni over the past 2 weeks via linkedin and email. Every single one of those alumni has replied within hours with a personal greeting and the willingness to setup calls to share their experience and assist with career advice and job searching tips.

Then it come to my class, the Mighty90, who has continued to show the “gees” (this refers to the great “spirit”, as seen during the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa in 2010 We have organised virtual lunches, we continue to share our experiences from within the class and our personal lives, and some venture down to the lake in small groups of 3 or so to enjoy the beautiful Lausanne spring and to live together and grow together.

Thank you to all within the IMD family for contributing to our incredible experience.


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