IMD Alumni Club of UK hosts a summer picnic in Hyde Park for MBA alumni.

The MBA chapter of the IMD Alumni club of the UK recently organized a summer picnic for the UK MBAs in Hyde Park, London. It was the club’s first outdoor event this year, and the MBAs cherished the time together.  

The day was bright with sun shining all throughout (a rare London spectacle!). The event was organized along the beautiful serpentine lake in Hyde park, with pumping music and luxury picnic baskets. Around 20 MBAs, some with their better halves and kids, made it to the event. A great turnout, despite these Covid times. It was a spectacular exchange of thoughts, ideas and camaraderie. The MBAs regaled each other with stories from their respective years – with MBAs from class of 2010 through 2019 joining in. All in a socially distanced, yet emotionally connected way. Go IMD!! 

Luxury picnic baskets, complete with Pimm’s and Scones, led to great conversations over food. It wasn’t easy getting these baskets to the picnic location, as all roads leading into the park were closed to vehicles. And that is when special help arrived in the form of twin strollers, as MBAs 2013 (Hammad Hussein and Anastasia Kovaleva) joined us with their children on the picnic. Special thanks also to Sriram Sekhar (MBA 2016) for help with the baskets.  

The après-picnic was exciting too as some MBAs decided to go pub hopping to catch the FA cup finals.  

Looking forward to more in person events in the year. And to making the most of the remaining sunny days this Autumn. 

Neha Kabra (2016) & Sophie Spillard (2016) 

MBA chapter leads, IMD Alumni Club of the UK 

If you are an MBA in the UK, please email us on [email protected] to join the club and the exciting events we have in store for you.  

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