"A call from IMD that changed my life forever has put me on a new exciting path." Love Bhutani, Indian MBA 2021 candidate, shares his transition.

The Transition

I still vividly remember the sunny day in the last week of August. Sitting on my porch with an evening cuppa of chai latte, a routine I picked up during the Covid lockdown, I received a call  from an unknown number that I hesitantly picked up. A call that changed my life forever and put me on the path which I have been wanting to tread for a long time. 

It was a call from Jenniffer, part of the IMD recruitment team, to inform me of their decision to include me in the batch of 2021 (lucky me! thinking of the odds of selection). I finished the call and ran to my wife to inform her. She has always been my pillar of strength and has supported me in all my sane and insane endeavours.

The first thing: Finances

The year 2020 has been a difficult one and most people globally have endured the loss of jobs, money and even loved ones. My finances too went awry during the pandemic and an expected bonus which would have covered my first couple of instalments got delayed. We dipped into our savings and applied for loans but finally managed it. A piece of advice: Be prepared for the unexpected.


Thankfully, the Swiss Embassy is very friendly and they had taken all necessary care to deal with applicants. Regula, part of the MBA Support Team, has been a real help for filling up the documentation and provided all support documents for the visa requirements promptly.


It’s been a bitter-sweet moment for my parents as I’ll be moving to Lausanne with my kids. They are happy as well as worried since travelling overseas with kids during a pandemic is making them anxious. Still, they have been supportive that we as a family shall stay together during my studies. My daughter on the other hand is very excited to spend her winter in snowy surroundings, something that she has been wanting to do ever since she got enamoured with Elsa (remember Frozen?)

The three of us in Italy by the side of Grand Canal,Venice

Saying Goodbyes

It’s not easy to say goodbye to my colleagues at Cushman & Wakefield, which has become my second home in the past three years. My boss is been very supportive of my decision to go to IMD and has gone a lot of extra miles to help me during this period of transition. I can’t thank enough the team here and wish to meet them again soon. After all, it’s a small world and a long life.

So here I am, ready to embark on my journey, with both fear and excitement in my heart. I look forward to spending the next year of my life with my amazing classmates at IMD.

Love Bhutani

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