MBA 2021 student, Christian Erana looks back at the advice offered by 2020 graduate Anthony Wilson and adds some tips of his own.

It’s the beginning of December, but for us IMD MBA’s it is the end of our journeys. Our planes touched down in Switzerland a year ago with snow painting the Alps and Lac Leman glistening in the background. December for me was always a time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, while reminiscing on the year. This year our MBA class and staff became family and friends and we get to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with them. Lausanne has Christmas lights and the market where vin chaud, gingerbread, and wood fire smells encompass the whole town. For us MBA’s, this is such a happy time to enjoy the last couple of weeks before graduation. However, it also is sad as we know the next time we’ll all be together might take awhile. Nevertheless, we’re going to make the most of it!

I remember signing up for the IMD MBA blog this time last year and am so glad I did. It’s good to know that everyone from the past or future gets to ride along our journey. My friend and classmate, Eseosa, and I will be finishing up the blog. We’ll be talking about graduation, flying back home, and reminiscing about what we’ve learned and loved. So to start off our final posts, the first thing I did was check last year and see what the Mighty90 said. Last year, Anthony Wilson gave us 2021 MBA’s some advice and let’s see how our class did….

Advice from the 2020 class

Thank you Anthony for the wise words. Moving into graduation mode, I tried to remember where I was last year. Setting up my flight, visa, housing, insurance etc. was a very stressful situation especially with covid. So I’m going to give a few pieces of advice for the next class in the last few weeks before Christmas.

Advice from the 2021 class


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