7 months into the one-year IMD MBA program and MBA student, Sorelle Djankou Djeuga from Cameroon shares her summer break reflections and hopes for the future.

It is hard to believe that we have already spent seven months on the program. There are just a few months to go before we reach the end of this amazing experience, but there’s still more to learn, to share, and to benefit from.

Innovation Lab Team : Arjun Kumar, Olga Kopiika, Sandamini Wijeratne, Venice Lau, Shun Omori, Pierre-Jean Jacquet, Luca Menghini

While enjoying my time off in Paris during the summer break, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the last few months, specifically about how transformative the journey has been for me and how I would like this to impact my post-MBA career.

Constantly challenging myself in this highly competitive environment has helped me to rediscover my strengths and improve my self-confidence. Getting out of my comfort zone several times and pushing myself to try new experiences and take on new roles has encouraged me to push my boundaries further and hone several soft skills. Moreover, having the luxury to embark on this journey with an amazing cohort and make good friends is the most rewarding part of it.

The MBA Journey is a process. You might not understand everything at the beginning, but if you trust the process, and choose to fully participate in every activity, then you will get the best out of it, and step by step, you will be able to connect the dots.

Dinner with classmates: Me, Swasti Sumedha, Apurva Mujumdar, Aishwarya Saxena, and Stephanie Vetsch.

Coming back to my thoughts on my future career journey, my main aim is to stand out as a leader who can impact and transform my organization. Whether as a future consultant or as a leader in a specific industry, leading in alignment with my core values will surely pay off.

Silicon Valley discovery trip : Sanchita, Sandamini, Apurva, Venice, Swasti and me

In the next few days, we will embark on the last sprint of our race. After some time off with family and friends, after refreshing and enjoying a chateau and museum visit in Paris, and after enjoying delicious home-cooked food in the restaurants here, I feel more energized than ever and ready to for the next steps.

Summer break family event at the Chateau Saint-Philippe De Meudon, Paris


(banner image: Silicon Valley discovery trip: Akmal Adrianza, me, Liudmila Kortikova, Ashish Srivastava)

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