MBA student, Jeremy Rose from Canada, reflects on his year at IMD as "a journey to be grateful for" and shares some of the highlights.

Engaging in gratitude reflection is a practice that not only enhances our appreciation for life’s blessings but also fosters a profound sense of contentment and inner well-being. The passing of Thanksgiving means that the MBA journey is drawing to a close. In the spirit of the holiday, I would like to share a few of the (countless) things that I am grateful for this year.

At the heart of my gratitude lie the friendships that have developed over the course of the MBA program. The camaraderie among classmates, faculty, and staff has been a cornerstone of my experience here at IMD. Through shared challenges and triumphs, I found not just colleagues, but lifelong friends who enriched my perspective and supported me on this transformative journey.

Travel, another cornerstone of the IMD MBA program, was the base through which we further deepened our connections. From snowshoeing in the Swiss Alps to savoring culinary delights in the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, each IMD expedition was a unique experience. These shared adventures not only broadened cultural horizons but also fostered bonds that transcend borders.

Exploring London with my ICP team between client meetings

Of course, I am also grateful for the opportunity to have built these friendships within the walls of IMD amidst the breathtaking beauty of Lausanne. The mountain landscapes, fresh waters of Lake Geneva, and charming French architecture have been a backdrop to moments of bonding and individual growth. The program’s focus on leadership, teamwork, and personal development elevated our understanding of cultures to new heights and empowered us to all become more empathetic and thoughtful leaders.

Exploring the mountains with a hike in the Alps

Although bittersweet that the MBA will soon be at an end, I find comfort in knowing that no matter where life takes us, we can all reflect upon these shared experiences. The lessons learned and memories made are something that we can carry no matter what the future holds. I am grateful to say that I have developed a group of friends that is truly global, and whether our next connection is over a coffee in Amsterdam or on a bike ride in Australia, I know that we will look back upon this year and smile.

Stopping with Bingjie for a selfie break

Expressing gratitude is not merely a passive acknowledgment; it is an active commitment to pay it forward. As we count our blessings, I would like to remind my classmates about the power of helping others navigate their own journeys. Whether it be through mentorship, sharing insights, making connections, or simply extending a helping hand, the act of giving becomes a natural extension of the gratitude that we cultivate. This is a legacy worth leaving behind.


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