IMD MBA student profile: Anouk Rossier, from Switzerland, was the winner of last year's Women Leaders Assessment Challenge and brings her passion for healthcare to the program.

Who I am

My parents shared a strong passion for music, an interest I embraced from an early age. At six years old, I began singing for a choir, and at 16, I was part of the conservatoire in theatre and classical singing. Around the same time, I developed another interest — figuring out how the human body works and how drugs interact with it. This led me to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in life sciences engineering. After university, I sought a career that seamlessly integrates my passion for healthcare with my strategic mindset. I joined McKinsey as a management consultant, primarily serving pharmaceutical companies across many different business units. My experience there solidified my desire to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry by integrating strategic thinking with scientific expertise.

Karaoke session organized on campus

Why I chose to apply through the Women Leaders Assessment Challenge

When I decided it was time to complement my engineering background with an MBA, IMD stood out as the ideal choice. Renowned for its leadership development programs and strong connections to the pharmaceutical industry, IMD offered exactly what I was looking for. The Women Leaders Assessment Challenge provided a unique opportunity to apply to IMD: A simplified application process, no application fees, and I got to engage with inspiring women from around the world. This experience was not the typical online assessment or interview process. It was more of a networking opportunity where we reflected on a global issue as a group. This deepened my enthusiasm for joining IMD, as I realized that discussion would be the first of many fascinating exchanges.

The main impact the program has had on me so far

I have been in the IMD MBA program for five months, which has already exceeded my expectations, particularly its emphasis on leadership development. The leadership journey has been transformative, teaching me how to effectively manage conflicts, negotiate win-win agreements, and embrace diversity in a class comprised of over 40 nationalities. These experiences have deepened my understanding of global business dynamics and strengthened my capacity to lead diverse teams.

February’s Leadership Lab team – me, Carlotta Schwarz, Roger Wang, Abhinav Muddappa, Alvaro Aubele

What I hope to achieve in the future

Looking ahead, I aspire to shape and execute strategies within a pharmaceutical company, focusing on business development, portfolio strategy, or medical affairs. The comprehensive business acumen and leadership skills I acquire at IMD will prepare me to drive innovation and strategic growth in the healthcare sector.

IMD has not only broadened my professional horizons but also reinforced my commitment to making a positive impact on the healthcare industry. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead, and I am grateful for the incredible journey at IMD that is equipping me with the tools to achieve my goals.


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