IMD MBA student profile: Anne-Charlotte Bogh-Sorensen, one of the joint winners of the class of 2024 CO-RO scholarship,shares her IMD experience so far, shares her IMD experience so far.

Who I am

I was raised in the small town of Odense, Denmark. During my early formative years, my ambitions centered around competing in show jumping at an elite level. This pursuit as a professional athlete honed my organizational skills as I learned to balance my demanding equestrian interests with my academic responsibilities. During this time, I realized the value of hard work and determination in achieving my goals.         

Show jumping at the MET Oliva (Mediterranean Equestrian Tour), in Spain with Atreju

At 15, I moved to Belgium for a year to ride horses full-time, exploring whether this passion could become a lifelong career. However, I soon recognized the need for a solid education and a stable job, as the equestrian world was not something I wanted to fully commit to for the rest of my life.

Upon returning to Denmark, I completed high school and pursued a bachelor’s degree in international business and politics at Copenhagen Business School. After graduating, I moved to London and began my career as an intern at Amazon. I progressed through the Amazon E-Commerce Graduate Program and eventually earned a promotion. Four years passed swiftly, during which I maintained my equestrian hobby, traveling around Europe with my horses while living a fast-paced life in London.

Why an MBA now and why IMD

Having two successful entrepreneurial parents instilled in me the importance of continuous education and lifelong learning. This family ethos inspired me to seek an educational experience that would challenge me, expand my horizons, and equip me with new skills and perspectives. After four years in the dynamic e-commerce sector at Amazon, I felt it was the right time to take a step back and invest in a year of personal and professional growth.

The idea of pursuing an MBA had been on my mind for some time. After gaining significant experience and achieving considerable success at Amazon as the receiver of the EU Door Desk award for driving an innovative Food Compliance project, the timing felt perfect. IMD stood out as the ideal choice, with its small, diverse cohort, emphasis on personal development and leadership, and excellent reputation.

Me with Dimas Hardi Saputra, Rodrigo Lima, Arushi Bhardwaj, and Dario Pigato during a negotiation exercise

The impact so far

IMD has significantly broadened my perspective on different cultures, languages, and leadership skills. It has sparked my curiosity on critical topics such as sustainability, impact financing, and mindfulness in leadership. The program has not only expanded my knowledge but also deepened my understanding of global business practices.

Me with Bent Bille-Brahe-Selby during the class visit to the International Labour Organization (ILO) as part of our Business and Society course

What I hope to achieve

By the end of the MBA program, I aim to develop my leadership abilities further, acquire advanced skills in international business, build a strong professional network, and gain lifelong friendships. My goal is to emerge from the program as a well-rounded individual, ready to tackle new challenges and make a meaningful impact in the business world.

Photo from MBAT in France with coach Kam Sohi and the IMD Woman Football team

Anne Charlotte

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