My classmate Yiorgos would like to share his ICP experience so far. His ICP project is about helping a company with a market-entry case in the sport industry. The team needs to find a specific market where the company’s high-tech sport product can be valued and sold.

Yiorgos and his team started by meeting with the company to know the objective. Then the team went to the US to understand better the company as well as the market that it wishes to serve. He was impressed by the hospitality from the company, as well as the American experience: over-sized portion of food, American working culture, and the American way of life.  The team worked on the business plan, tried to find distributors and the customers. They got to meet also some amazing athletes.

During the whole process, the biggest learning for Yiorgos was how to find each team member’s strength and use it on the right place at the right time. It was a memorable experience for him and he is looking forward to coming up with something practicle which the company can implement in the future.


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