Sitting here back in London, I can’t believe what a fantastic year that I’ve had.  When people ask me what I did at IMD, it’s truly difficult to remember all of the amazing experiences, from the discovery trip, to the study tour in Turkey, and the fantastic lecturers and guest speakers that we enjoyed.

But when people ask me what was the best bit of the IMD experience, it’s an easy question to answer – it’s the fantastic people that I’ve met along the way.  From the dedicated staff in the MBA office, to our brilliant academic staff, it was really the people that made the made the difference during the past year.  But the people that really defined the year are the 89 other exceptional individuals who graduated with me on the 4th December – I learnt more from these people than I could ever have imagined, and I am already looking forward to our planned reunion in Madrid in 2015 to find out the various ways that my global cohort are shaping the future of business.

Another question that I get asked now that I’m back, is whether I’d choose to go to do an MBA at IMD if I could choose again.  That’s the easiest question of all to answer – it’s a definitive ‘YES!’.

I am really sad to have left Lausanne, and am incredibly jealous of the incoming 2016 class – they don’t know what an enriching time awaits them.  But what’s clear to me is that whilst I’ve left Lausanne, IMD will always stay a part of me, as lifelong friends, a peerless network, and memories of a truly phenomenal year in Lausanne.

So I’m honored to pass the baton to next year’s bloggers, and I can’t wait to read about their fantastic experiences – watch this space!

From a festive London,


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