My team and I had a fantastic trip to Oslo last week – we presented our findings to our clients, who seemed very happy with the work that we had done; they then gave us some other topics to work on for the final stretch of our international consulting project.  We even had time to fit in a quick tour of Oslo before we caught our flight back to Geneva.  The only issue that we’ve had so far on the ICP is that every time we travel, someone’s bag has been lost by the baggage handlers – this time it was me on the way!  Annoying, but thankfully retrieved – I didn’t fancy making a presentation to our clients in jeans!!!!   Since we got back to Lausanne on last Wednesday, it’s been hectic trying to fit in all of the work that we need to do before we go back to Oslo for our final presentation on Monday.

At the same time as finalising the ICP projects, it’s been incredibly busy on the job front too for the class – the offers have been coming in from all the consulting firms amongst others, and it’s fantastic news – we’ve got a number of classmates with multiple offers, and in general the tally seems to be well ahead of last year – a great result!  From my side, I’m off to London shortly for a few really interesting interviews, so fingers crossed…  I didn’t anticipate that getting the ball rolling looking for a job would take so long, but there are many interesting opportunities popping up now – so here’s hoping for a good result!

After the ICP finishes, it’s time for the electives to kick in – and these are so interesting – from Islamic Finance to corporate governance, and everything in between – more updates on that soon!

And winter is really here now – I went running with a classmate last night along the lake, and the way back was a little slow – it was pitch black with no moonlight, so a great challenge not to run into the lake!

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