It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve written a blog, and it’s been an incredibly busy time since, as we’ve been finalising our International Consulting Project.

The ICP was certainly one of my highlights of the MBA experience so far – it was great to deepen my knowledge of the real estate sector, and also to work with such a fantastic time.  It was really wonderful to have the opportunity to travel so much in Europe – last week, we were in Oslo again to make our final presentation to our clients – who really made the experience so special by sharing so much about their business, and being so receptive to our ideas.

Once the ICP was over, it was time to spring back to work – we had a leadership ‘experiential’ on Saturday, which was a chance to give the people that we had worked with most closely during the year some valuable feedback.  A great way to wrap up the IMD leadership stream, and one of the elements of the course that really differentiates the IMD experience from other similar MBA courses.  I also had a final meeting with my leadership coach, who invariably provides fantastic insight into my future plans, and helps define my career goals.

So – this week, it’s a day of presenting our ICP findings to our classmates tomorrow, and then the electives start right after that.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to having a rigid 8am start time again – but I am looking forward to the electives for sure!

Until next time,


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