This last week is the new beginning of my life-long MBA journey.

6th Dec 2017                   Cloudy                         Very cold                            Lausanne

Yik Long Lee writes today’s guest entry, with graduation just around the corner.

My feelings are mixed: I want to go back to Hong Kong and I also want to stay here a bit longer.

In Hong Kong, Christmas and New Year parties are waiting for me, and my family, friends and colleagues are there too – I haven’t seen them much this year and I miss them a lot.

In Lausanne, my classmates and I are witnessing the end of the program together. The strong bonds we have developed throughout the year make me want to stay here with them for a bit longer.

2016 Summer
The whole journey started with the intensive assessment day in Lausanne. I was well prepared for most of the questions, except one. Suzy asked me: “How are you going to contribute to the class of 2017 if we admit you?”

My mind was blank for a second. Then I said I would share my 8-year experience working in Swiss banks and support classmates who needed it in Economics, Accounting and Finance.

Looking back, I think I did what I said. I was glad when some of my classmates told me how they appreciated the time we spent studying together. We passed the Finance exams together. I did not expect any reward, other than my happy feelings for them, so it was a complete surprise to receive the MBA prize of the Fondation Vaudoise pour la Formation Bancaire yesterday evening. I feel thankful and honored.


Our MBA Program Director, Professor Boscheck, taught us not only Economics but also values and principles. In the business and professional world, it’s not all about profit and money. We should have a higher purpose and “do something good for our society”! So I have decided to donate the whole prize to charity. Some of our classmates have been really helpful and have already suggested a few charities to donate to.

An end? No, it’s a new beginning!
Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Professor George Kohlrieser was with us today for the final session to our MBA.

We explored how we have changed, gained confidence and self-awareness. My self-confidence now comes from inside: my energy, positive mindset and values, but not external recognition and past achievements. I have also learnt more empathy when working in multi-cultural teams. For all of this, I want to thank my start-up group members and my psychoanalyst who gave me challenging moments, learning opportunities and emotional support. The first 3-month start-up project was the most intense part for me, and also the most fruitful part.




We watched the video of Derek Redmond, who snapped his hamstring during the 400m race in the Barcenola Olympics Games in 1992, but insisted on finishing the race. His father broke through the security line to finish the race with him. I was deeply touched and my tears could not stop. It was a powerful example of what we have learnt this year: a secure base “provides a sense of protection and offers a source of energy and inspiration to explore, take risks and seek changes”.


We looked back with gratitude at the support we have received from each other, for example public speaking training or emotional support during family or partner situations. This has really made us feel not just like a class, but indeed like a family!

The quote I like the most from today was:

I only remember good memories. And no matter if we meet each other in the future or not, you are going to carry me and I am going to carry you for the rest of our lives.

For me, life is a journey but not a destination. It’s a train heading to an uncertain future. With my happy tears while writing, I am thankful that you all are on my train in 2017. Now we are approaching a stop, this Friday, our graduation. And it’s fine, because I believe that it’s not an end but a new beginning of our journey!

Yik Long

p.s. My wife and I welcome you all to come to Hong Kong to visit us!

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