Constant innovation is arguably the most important key success factor in the consumer electronics industry. Through the IMD MBA Start-up Project, my classmates and I have had the privilege of partnering with Feeltronix, a Geneva-based start-up that has developed technology that has the potential to drive the next wave of innovation in wearable electronics.

Feeltronix started developing its proprietary technology in 2015 after the founders recognized that the current electronics used in wearable devices are rigid, while the human body is soft and elastic with dynamic surfaces. Therefore, for the market for wearable devices to truly take-off, there is a need to develop and incorporate fully flexible electronic technology. Feeltronix’s technology enables the integration of flexible electronics into rubber-based circuits. The electronics are highly pliable and can be stretched, twisted or elongated over a million times with no damage to the components.

My group has been working closely with two of the founders, Hadrien Michaud, PhD (CEO) and Arthur Hirsch, PhD (CTO) to help Feeltronix map out its competitive advantage and build a go-to-market strategy with the hopes of finding an industry partner to develop a proof-of-concept in the smartwatch segment.

We have leveraged off the skills we are learning through the IMD MBA program to add as much tangible value as possible, including conducting industry analysis, building a sales toolkit, arranging meetings with industry experts and potential partners, and preparing the Feeltronix team for investor pitches.

We are now at about the half-way point for the project, but a significant amount of work remains to be done! We look forward to continually engaging with the Feeltronix team in order to maximize our impact for the company.

Philip Hudgens on Behalf of Group 7


From Left to Right: Pierre, Soren, Philip, Veronika, Sonia, Ramiro, Hadrien (Feeltronix CEO), Arthur (Feeltronix CTO)

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